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Our stage is 20’ x 20’ with a 6” rise from ground level. It’s a black box or cabaret style theatre with 18’ ceilings, a small private mezzanine level (we call it the VIP box), and a backstage area. Please be aware that rental of the Dragon Stage is "as is" which means there might be a set on the stage that is NOT alterable in any way. The stage has two different rental options, Public and Non-Public. This allows for classes, meetings, and presentations to rent at a slightly less expensive rate as their needs tend to be less than a full production. Please take a look below for more information about what is included with each type of rental.


Dragon Theatre Stage



Public Performance - $500*

Public rentals are any rental that expects to sell tickets to the public. Public rentals guarantee that the entire building will be free of other renters and includes use of our sound, lighting, and projection equipment. All public rentals are required to use a house technician who will act as your on site personnel and are trained to run tech from the booth for you.


In addition to the stage public performance renters also will have access to:


·        Use of the Studio (Studio is a 21’7” x 19’7” trapezoidal space with an entrance to backstage through one door and to the lobby through the other).

·        Use of the lobby, which includes space for your event’s box office and concessions areas.

·        ADA Compliant stage/backstage, and public restrooms.

·        Private backstage bathroom.

·        65 seat capacity, flexible seating area.

·        VIP box for an additional 4-5 seats.

·        5 marble topped cabaret tables for the front row.

·        Access to tables, chairs and music and mic stands.

·        Access to projector and 150” screen (measured diagonally).

·        A mid-stage black velvet traveling curtain that can be drawn to cover up any set that might be on the stage and provide a dark background for projections.

·        A House Technician to run lights, sound, and projection. 


*Weeklong rates are available for renters that would like to rehearse and bring their own set during the week followed by performing on the weekend. Email for a full quote and more information!

Non-Public - $75 per hour (2 hour minimum)

Non-Public rentals are specifically designed for classes, parties, presentations, and rehearsals. House and work lights are available for these rentals, but all technical equipment is locked in the booth. House technicians are available for these rentals at an additional cost and with one you can gain access to stage lighting and sound equipment.


This type of rental includes:

·        Access to tables, chairs and music stands.

·        ADA Compliant stage and public restrooms.

·        65 seat capacity, flexible seating area.

·        A mid-stage black velvet traveling curtain that can be drawn to cover up any set that might be on the stage and provide a dark background for projections.

·        Use of lights and sound equipment available only with House Technician at an additional $25 per hour (4-hour minimum).


Should my rental be public or non-public?

The Dragon is a shared space and sometimes renters want to limit the amount of disturbances that comes from having others in the building during the time of their rental. Here is a short checklist for you to decide what kind of rental you might need. If you have any of the below concerns you may want to opt for the public rental.

·        Sound bleed is a concern to you

·        If you would like to put on a public performance

·        You would like use of our technical equipment including stage lights, sound, or projections

If your rental does not require use of the technical equipment, you do not plan on selling tickets to your event, and you are not concerned about having other rentals in our other rooms in the building at the same time as your rental then a non-public rental may be the best option for you!


Additional Rental Information

There is a refundable $200 deposit required for the use the stage at Dragon Theatre.

See photos of the space, with some 360° walkthroughs.


Check the facilities calendar to see if the date or dates you are interested in are available.  Please take note of the color of the events on the calendar.  BLUE events are on the Stage, ORANGE events are in the Studio and GREEN events are in the Classroom.  If there is an event on the Stage that doesn't say "Rehearsal" in the title, then the entire space is being utilized and neither of the other two spaces can be rented.  

Submit a Rental Request form to our rental coordinator. Once your form is submitted our Rental Coordinator will contact you to set up a tour of the facility and review and sign a Rental Agreement Contract.


If you have further questions about the space, please consult our Frequently Asked Questions section, or email the rental coordinator at


Please be aware that rental of the Dragon Stage is "as is" which means there might be a set on the stage that is NOT alterable in any way. 


Pleae note that as of 2017 a Dragon provided House Technician is mandatory for all Public Stage rentals. 






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