Renting the Dragon Theatre

Below you will find the basic process for renting any of the spaces in our facility.  Please use this list as a checklist to ensure that your rental request is processed smoothly and be familiar with the steps outlined below prior to your event taking place at Dragon.


  1. Decide which of space(s) you’d like to use for your event; the stage, studio, or classroom.
  2. If you are unsure which space would be best for your event, or would like to see the space prior to submitting your request form, please schedule a tour with us.
  3. Determine the dates and times you’d like to hold your event.
  4. Check the events calendar to see if the date or dates you are interested in are available.  Please take note of the color of the events on the calendar.  BLUE events are on the main stage, ORANGE events are in the studio and GREEN events are in the classroom.  If there is an event on the mainstage that doesn't say "Rehearsal" in the title, then the entire space is being utilized and neither of the other two spaces can be rented.  
  5. Submit a Rental Request form to our rental coordinator.
Once your form is submitted our Rental Coordinator will contact you to set up a tour of the facility and review and sign a Rental Agreement Contract.
If you have further questions about the space, please consult our


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    This delightful comedy is a loving tribute to the power of sisterhood.


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    Monday, May 29: 360 Storytelling at the Dragon
    Monday, June 12: "UNCANCER ME! Battle Scenes on Stage and Screen" and a screening of Pananampalataya
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    Lunch time yoga with Caro
    Wednesdays (5/24, 6/21, 7/12, 8/23) 
    After school, weekend, and summer classes for kids now available! 
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