The Monday Night Play Space

Since 2016 Dragon Productions Theatre Company has hosted the Monday Night Play Space. Two Mondays a month (when we can) Dragon will open its doors to local artists to use the space for anything, including staged readings of new plays, local film screenings, poetry slams, stand up comedy, improv demos, books readings, movie nights curated by the Dragon staff, and anything else that the Bay Area artistic community comes up with! You need to workshop in front of an audience? This is your opportunity! Apply for a performance slot

We’ll be accepting cash donations from patrons at the door in lieu of a fixed ticket price. We'll have concessions available so it will be a fun night at the theatre and a great way to meet local artists, share in the creative process, mingle with the community, and support local theatre. 


For Audiences: 

All performances start at 7:30p and the doors open at 7p at the Dragon Theatre in downtown Redwood City. Cash only at the door. Suggested minimum donation of $5 - $10. Concessions will be available for purchase to enjoy during the show.



Monday, August 14th: The Notorious B.U.G. A solo performance written and performed by Marjorie Hazeltine


Notorious B. U. G. poster


In 2016 a praying mantis was named after Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. This mantis was big news, even making The Washington Post because she was discovered in a very particular way. Scientists typically classify mantids using the males of a given species. However, doctoral student Sydney Brannoch, who happens to be a young woman, decided to investigate several female specimens and thus discovered Ilomantis ginsburgae, a whole new species that had been misidentified for decades. News organizations interviewed Brannoch about the role of women in science and the use of female specimens in scientific taxonomy, but now, the mantis herself is speaking out, telling her story in this one-woman show. She traces how her life has changed since being discovered and named after the notorious R.B.G. Up until now, gender and womanhood have been foreign concepts to the mantis, but now she must reconcile her new gendered identity, her relationship to one of the most famous advocates for gender equality, and her pesky, ever-present desire to devour her mates.


Monday, August 28: Blood and Silk - a workshop production of a new musical 

Blood and Silk poster

In the land of Alterra, a curse has been placed upon the royal family of Ravenswood. Doomed to spend the rest of his life alone, Prince Alexiel guards nothing but his vacant castle and precious roses, and he finds loneliness to be his only true companion. Circelae Alverdine is a young man thirsting for adventure and looking for his place in life. Longing for his own knight in shining armor, he soon finds adventure in Alterra, and with that, much more than he ever possibly dreamed of. Adapted by the author of the beloved book, Jeffrey L. Love has created stunning orchestrations and a story that is lifted up by the lyrics written by the talented Jo Kiech. The classic story of Beauty and The Beast is showcased in a new light, and asks, what really is love? Is it as fragile as a rose? Join Alexiel and Circelae as they find out what love really is. 





Alexiel de Ravenswood - Jeffrey L. Love

Circelae Alverdine - Logan Hehn
Little Alexiel/Kitchen Boy/Danny - Marcus Nocerino
King Orasmyn/Gardener/Charles - Don Hardwick
Queen Blodwyn/Svetlana - Nicole Thordsen 
Gervase Bexlemoore - Alexei Ryan
Frytania Normandir/Vargulf - Diamond Rose
Anthony de Gisborn - Jamar-Glen Bajala
Annaliese/Gabriella - Devin Wieser
Claudia/Sir Thomas/Vargulf - April Jessica Garro
August de Gisborn/Sentry - Cordell Wesselink
Scribe/Raconteur - Rebecca Simmons


For Performers:


As a performer, there's no cost to you but we do need to get some details and book you into a time slot. You are responsible for casting your show/reading. 


The dates for the 2017 Series are:


Monday, January 9 Monday, June 26 - cancelled
Monday, January 30     Monday, July 10
Monday, February 13 Monday, August 14
Monday, February 27 Monday, August 28
Monday, March 13  Monday, September 25
Monday, March 27 Monday, October 9
Monday, April 10 Monday, October 30
Monday, April 24 Monday, November 13
Monday, May 29th -
Memorial Day movie
Monday, November 27
Monday, June 12 Monday, December 11
Dates with a strikethrough are booked or pending booking. To apply for a 2017 slot, please fill out the online form and Max, the MNPS coordinator, will be in touch with next steps.
If you have questions, contact Max Koknar at max (at) 


If you have marketing collateral, we're happy to put your performance up on our website and on the television display in the theatre window that faces the street. Graphics for the television display must be JPG formatted and be 1080 X 1920 at 72 dpi and portrait oriented. Please mail the marketing collateral to kim (at) at least 4 weeks before your performance. 


Please note that this is NOT an opportunity to fully produce a new play or musical with a set. 


Apply for a slot


The Monday Night Play Space series is sponsored in part by the Redwood City Civic Cultural Commission. 





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