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An important partner of any theatre performance is the sponsorship group. Tickets only provide about 30% of any theatre's annual income and the rest comes from fundraising and sponsorships. Buying a program ad not only helps us to defray our costs but it increases your visibility in the downtown Redwood City community. Highlight your support of Redwood City's flourishing arts community by purchasing a high value, low cost program ad! We have several options for you to choose from. 



Ads in the Main Stage Season Program


The Main Stage Season has five different plays that perform 16 times. At 70 seats a performance that means that more than 1100 people will see your ad in our program. We keep our rates low to make it affordable for small businesses on a budget because we know that money is tight.


Ad rates for an ad in a Main Stage program are as follows:

  • Full page (3.8” wide x 7” tall) $125
  • Half page (3.8” wide by 3.8” tall) $80
  • Business card/Quarter Page (3.8" by 1.6") $35



Shows in the 2014 Main Stage Season 



by Kate Fodor

directed by Laura Jane Bailey

January 17 - February 9, 2014  


What if there were a happy pill that could take away all the stresses and strains of life? That’s the premise of Rx, the latest play from Kate Fodor (100 Saints You Should Know). Deftly balancing sardonic shots at Big Pharma with a tender love story between a clinical researcher and a patient taking part in a drug trial, Rx is "a winning combination of light satire and romance." (NY Times) 



An Adaptation of George Bernard Shaw’s Novel An Unsocial Socialist by Jeffrey Hatcher

directed by Vickie Rozell 

April 11 - May 4, 2014  


This political comedy features a runaway groom who abandons his bride on their wedding day so he can overthrow the British government. Eventually he infiltrates a women’s college, where he attempts to sow the seeds of revolution by radicalizing the future consorts of society’s power brokers. Love triangles, mistaken identities, Marx, Engels, and pistols all drive this supremely witty satire. Seattle Weekly said, "Like Tom Stoppard, the author makes you the audience feel just as clever as he. Brilliant writing."


Moonlight and Magnolias

by Ron Hutchinson 

directed by Lee Ann Payne 

August 15 - September 7, 2014  


It’s 1939, and legendary movie producer David O. Selznick has a problem: he’s supposed to bring the epic novel Gone with the Wind to the big screen, but he fired his director and hired a screenwriter who hasn’t read the book. What to do? Lock everybody in his office and eat only bananas and peanuts until the script is ready, of course! A hilarious look back at the golden age of Hollywood and the making of an iconic American film.


The Woman in Black

adapted by Stephen Mallatratt 

directed by Executive Artistic Director Meredith Hagedorn 

October 10 - November 2, 2014  


In this brilliant adaptation of Susan Hill’s horror novella, a traumatized man recruits a young actor to help him exorcise the ghost of the Woman in Black. As the two men perform the story, the suspense builds until the ghost’s terrible secret is finally revealed. Acclaimed by audiences and critics alike, The Woman in Black is the second longest- running play in the history of London’s West End. 


The Other Place

by Sharr White

directed by Kimberly Mohne Hill

November 21 - December 14, 2014  


Opened on Broadway in 2013. In this gripping new drama by Sharr White (6 Years, Dragon 2008 season), a world-renowned neurologist seems to be losing her mind. Her husband has filed for divorce, her daughter has run off with an older man, and her own health is failing—or is it? Nothing is what is seems in this character study of a woman in crisis.


Ad copy due no later than TWO WEEKS before opening night of each show in PNG, JPG, or PDF format. 



Ads in the 2nd Stages Program


Dragon's brand new 2nd Stages series launches in 2014. It's intended to give other artists the opportunity to fully produce their passion projects with funding and mentorship from the Dragon's staff. This series will develop new local theatre makers with the support of an established theatre company. 2nd Stages shows run for two weeks only on Fridays at 8p, Saturdays at 2p and 8p, and Sunday at 2p. Therefore with 9 performances at a maximum of 70 seats your ad would be potentially seen by more than 600 people. This audience will likely be a more diverse audience than your traditional theatregoing audience as it pushes some boundaries. 


Ad rates for the 2nd Stages program are as follows: 

  • Full page (3.8” wide x 7” tall) $100
  • Half page (3.8” wide by 3.8” tall) $50
  • Business card/Quarter Page (3.8" by 1.6") $20


Ad copy due no later than TWO WEEKS before opening night of each show in PNG, JPG, or PDF format. 



Buying in Bulk Saves Your Bottom Line


We’ll make you a deal if you pre-buy an ad in every program for the entire 2014 season.


Bulk ad rate for the full season:

  • Full page (3.8” wide x 7” tall) ($625 + $400 = 1025) $900 – a savings of $125 (a free full page ad)
  • Half page (3.8” wide by 3.8” tall) ($400 + $200 = $600) $500 – a savings of $100 (A free full page 2nd Stages ad)
  • Business card/Quarter Page (3.8" by 1.6") ($175 + $80 = $255) $225 – a savings of $30


If you opt for the full season bulk rate we are happy to refresh your ad once per quarter (Jan/Apr/Jul/Oct). 

Ad copy due no later than TWO WEEKS before opening night of each show in PNG, JPG, or PDF format. 
Please contact Kimberly Wadycki at 650-493-2006 ext 5 or via email at to set up your ad buy today! 



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