FALSE STARTS: Max Tachis and Jeffrey Lo's Really Stupid Pact


One magical day Jeffrey Lo and Max Tachis were chatting to each other about writing. They went back and forth about the projects they had coming up and the ideas they had spinning in their heads. They also came to the conclusion that writers did most of their work when they had a deadline put upon them and the pressure of a date to push them along in their writing process. From this came an idea. A brilliantly stupid idea. What if they announced a night of staged readings where they each presented the first half of a play they were working on BEFORE they actually started working on it.

And BOOM - "False Starts" was born. That is right - you will get the "opportunity" to watch not one but TWO incomplete plays. We would tell all about them to entice you to come but we actually have no clue what these plays are about or who will be acting in these readings. But if you like Jeffrey, Max, both of them or have a secret passion for watching disasters... COME WATCH THESE READINGS!

Staged Readings of Two Works in Progress that We Know Nothing About
August 18th - 7:30 PM
Dragon Productions Theatre Company

Suggested Donation $5
(All proceeds go to the Dragon)



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