Casting Call: 2015 Season

DRAGON 2015 GENERAL AUDITIONS. All of the 2015 play directors will be auditing this session.
Character specific details are available online below. Information on the plays (blurbs, dates, etc.) can be found here
WHEN: Saturday, October 18th
TIME: 9a - 5p 
WHAT TO BRING: 2 contrasting contemporary monologues to run for no longer than 3 minutes total. Please bring 4 copies of your headshot and resume to share with the directors. Please note that there will be a separate audition for singers for Lo speziale. Contact Linda at to set up your audition appointment. 

Non-AEA only. Stipend available.


The auditions are located at Dragon Theatre

2120 Broadway St.

Redwood City, CA 94063

Major Cross Streets:  Broadway and Theatre Way/Middlefield

Public Transportation:  We are a short walk away from the Caltrain Redwood City stop.

Directions & Parking info:



Kid-Simple: a radio play by Jordan Harrison
(a 2nd Stages show directed by Christine Keating)

2 teen M, 1 teen F, 2 F, 1 M


Moll - female, teenager, any race. A girl who invents things.

Oliver - male, teenager, any race. A virgin.

The Narrator - female, any age, any race. A mellifluous voice.

The Mercenary - male, plays range of teenager-thirties, any race. A master of disguises.

Mr. Wachtel - male, 30+, any race. Plays multiple characters.

Miss Kendrick - female, 30+, any race. Plays multiple characters.


Show People by Paul Weitz
(a Main Stage show directed by Austin Edgington)


2M, 2F


Tom: mid-thirties, an intense but friendly technocrat and upwardly mobile entrepreneur with no idea what a byte or widget is, he is in love with Natalie.

Natalie: Late twenties-early thirties, a stylish, attractive, probably went to Brown or Bryn Mawr. She is a classically trained violinist who recently learned how to rosin her bow, she is in love with Tom.

Marnie: Early sixties, her beauty has ripened with debauch. She is a fading Broadway actress who yearns for better times with humor, pathos and booze.

Jerry: Mid to late sixties, aging Broadway actor whose patrician handsomeness is sliding into a hang-dog persona.


The Columnist by David Auburn (Bay Area Premiere)
(a Main Stage show, directed by Brandon Jackson) 


5M, 2F


Joseph Alsop – late 40’s and ages to early 60’s. Washington Post political columnist both feared and beloved by those in his close political circle as well as those only peeking in through his column.

Stewart Alsop – mid 40’s and ages to 50’s. Brother to Joseph Alsop – once his creative and political partner but has gone off on his own. More relaxed than Joseph but he hasn’t lost is keen since of political savvy and journalistic nature.

Susan Mary – 40’s - Attractive, extremely well dressed and even better mannered. Completely fulfilled in her high society life but very lonely in love.

Abigail – Susan Mary’s daughter – age 14 when we first meet her but matures to her 20’s. Develops from a pre-debutante studying Latin to a young adult seeking peace and harmony in the 60’s.

Halberstam – late 20’s – Young war reporter during the Vietnam war. Complex character that is both deceiving and honest, ambitious to a fault and willing to step on others to deliver his truth.

Andrei – Russian male, mid 20’s. Character returns in his late 30’s and contributes to the undercurrent of blackmail surrounding the sexuality of Joseph Alsop.

Philip – early 20’s – young hippy boyfriend to Abigail. Establishes a changing of attitudes during the 60’s.


The Voice of the Prairie by John Olive
(A Main Stage show directed by Executive Artistic Director Meredith Hagedorn) 


2M, 1 F


This production is already pre-cast. 


Or, by Liz Duffy Adams
(a Main Stage show direced by Vera Sloan)


3F, 1M


Aphra Behn - Actor who presents as female, 28-35, of any body type or ethnicity. The first professional, female playwright in the English language, Aphra is a retired spy and an inspired writer who is extremely comfortable in her (bi)sexuality. Whip-smart, resourceful, unflappable.

Charles II/William - Actor who presents as male, 28-38, of any body type or ethnicity. Charles is a powerful, intelligent, sensual man who is used to getting his way. William is a cunning and unpredictable double agent currently down on his luck. While of very different statuses and circumstances, both men carry a torch for Aphra and can be extremely dangerous when cornered.

Nell Gwynne/Jailer - Actor who presents as androgynously female (passable as a boy), 18-23, of any ethnicity. Nell is a free-spirited stage actress who is shamelessly sexual, profane, and opinionated. Adorably crass, and a party in a can. The jailer is...a jailer.

Maria/Lady Davenant - Actor who presents as female, 25-75, of any body type or ethnicity with a passable upper class English accent. Maria: an earthy, unpolished serving woman who reveals a fierce loyalty to Aphra. Lady D: a theatrical producer and eccentric, gloriously self-absorbed force of nature.



The Star Without A Name by Mihail Sebastian
(a 2nd Stages show directed by Ana-Catrina Buchser)

4M, 3F

The Professor (M, 30-35): High school professor in a small country town, shy, awkward, preoccupied by his astronomy research

The Unknown (F, 25-30): Physically stunning, elegant, clearly has a plush life due to her looks, doesn't actually know how to do anything.

The Stationmaster (M, 45-70): Jovial master of the train station in a very small country town

Miss Cuckoo (F, 45-70): Teacher at the high school, angry, irritable, shrill, pushes discipline to a ridiculous extreme.

The Student (F, 16-18): Nice, quiet young lady with big dreams for the future

Udrea (M, 35-50): The Professor's best friend, also a professor at the high school, friendly, pleasant

Grig (M, 35-45): The Unknown's rich boyfriend, well dressed, arrogant

Pascu (same actor as Grig): Runs the local general store, nice man, helpful

The Conductor (same actor as Grig): Drives the express train.


Sunlight by Sharr White
(a Main Stage show directed by Brian Luce)


2M, 2F


(Race is not outlined in character descriptions and open to all ethnicities.)

(Ages do not need to be exact but approximate)
CHARLOTTE GIBBON – A charismatic lawyer around forty, whose career was interrupted when her narrow escape from the World Trade Center resulted in the miscarriage of her son. Though her façade of intense focus often breaks to reveal a deeply mournful vulnerability, we are also keenly aware that being back in the thick of the action brings her a joyful satisfaction.
MATTHEW GIBBON – Charlotte’s father, president of a small private East Coast university. An imposing man in his sixties, Matthew is bullish, charismatic and enthusiastic to the point of childishness. His quick moodiness and even quicker ebullience are often undermined by his almost comic incompetence with things mechanical and practical: the mark of man who has been doted over all his life.
VINCENT KRIEGER – Charlotte’s husband, mid-forties; Matthew’s former protégé, dean of the university’s law school. It is apparent why both Charlotte and in many respects, Matthew, fell in love with Vincent; he is the sort who quickly becomes, with little effort of his own, the center of gravity in any room he enters. Forged in the dog-eat-dog world of academia, he can also be, when pushed, a seasoned and brutal in-fighter.
MARYANNE (A.K.A MIDGE, MIDGIE, MIMI) – A prickly, refusing to be frail, native Northeasterner in her early eighties, Maryanne has acted in many capacities for the Gibbon family over the past three decades, most notably as Matthew’s able executive assistant. 




Headshots and résumés can be mailed via US Postal Mail to:

Dragon Productions Theatre Company
ATTN: Auditions
2120 Broadway St.
Redwood City, CA 94063



Technical and Creative Staff

We are currently seeking designers and Stage Managers for the 2015 season. We hire Stage Managers, Assistant Stage Managers, Costume Designers, Sound Designers, Lighting Designers, and Properties Designers on a show-by-show basis. Designers should email their resume with work samples (when possible) to Allison at Stipend available for all positions. 


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