Casting Call: 2016 Season General Auditions



WHEN: Saturday, September 12th

TIME: 9a - 5p

WHAT TO BRING: 2 contrasting contemporary monologues to run for no longer than 3 minutes total. Please bring multiple hard copies of your resume and headshot. If possible, 4 copies would be ideal. Contact Linda at linda (at) if you have any questions.

WHO: Non-AEA only. Stipend available.


The auditions are located at 

Dragon Theatre

2120 Broadway St.

Redwood City, CA 94063


Major Cross Streets: Broadway and Theatre Way/Middlefield

Public Transportation: We are a short walk away from the Caltrain Redwood City stop.

Directions & Parking info: - We STRONGLY suggest parking in the County Parking Garage at Veteran's & Middlefield as it's free and open all day Saturday.


We are scheduling small groups to come in each half hour. We will do our best to keep things moving so that you can be seen within 30 minutes of your scheduled time. Please allow 60 minutes in your schedule just to be safe.

Please visit to sign up for a 30 minute block of time that fits your schedule.

Most of the directors from our 2016 season will be auditing these auditions.


Character specific details are available online below. Information on the plays (blurbs, dates, etc.) can be found here.



Character Information:



US Drag Character Descriptions

Main Stage Series Production directed by Noelle GM Gibbs.

Allison- Recent college grad; Self-important, full of big expectations for her life, but no path to “making it.” Desperate to create a name for herself at all costs. Blunt and bold. Goes off the deep end for a while.

Angela - Recent college grad, Allison’s best friend, conscientious, resourceful, practical. Also hopeful for the future, but more pragmatic than Allison. Frank in conversations and a little callous in her pursuit for honesty.

James - Early to mid 30’s, committed to saving the victims of the world (particularly victims of assault and abuse) and simultaneously terrified of the world in which he lives. Longs for a deep connection with another human being.

Ned - Mid to late 20’s. Allison & Angela’s roommate. Socially awkward, desperate to make friends and meet girls, but no skills for doing so. Defensive and impulsive at times.

Evan - Early to mid 30’s. Runs a community impact & advocacy group to combat assaults on the streets of New York. Out to keep the public “SAFE” by not encouraging them not to engage in any interactions with strangers. Wants to be a peacemaker. Is a leader in the very small circle he runs.

Mary - Early to mid 30’s. A victim of an attack on the street. Looking for companionship. Building up courage to stand up for herself, but also wants to share vulnerability with another person.

Christopher Collins - Early to mid 30’s. Bestselling book author, recovering druggie. Wants desperately to connect with his parents, whom he has alienated. Wallows in his own self-pity. Feels like he wasn’t noticed growing up, which has wounded him as an adult.

Bookstore Manager/Janice/Bartender/Christen - Early to mid 30’s. One actor playing many parts. Speaks as the voice of reason in her first three roles, but serves as a mysterious and ambiguous truth-seeker at the end of the play.


Too Much, Too Much, Too Many Casting Breakdown


2nd Stages Series. Produced and directed by Nancy McClymont.

-Rose, a 78 year old woman whose husband died over 6 months ago. She hasn't left her bedroom since. Prickly but still deeply in love with her husband, trying to process this inconceivable shift in her life. Wholly unaware how her daughter's dealing with all this, lost in her grief.

-Emma, 39, Rose's daughter who moved into the spare room to care for her father before he died and now her mother afterwards. She's single, lonesome, and profoundly affected by the loss of her father. Not unduly worried about Rose, but overwhelmed and trying very hard to do right by her. No sense of her own beauty. Never quite got the hang of emotional intimacy. A bit in awe of her parents' love story.

-Pastor John Hidge, 33, Emma contacted a local church to get some help with her mother's emotional state. He has his own grief story, and unexpected decisions that go with it. Tries to reach out to both ladies, happy to have the focus off his enduring pain. Finds himself drawn to Emma, there's a brokenness he connects with. He's just out of the woods enough to see more clearly than they can.

-James, 80, the deceased husband of Rose/father of Emma. They experience him not so much in flashback as in real time, internalizing his personality and bringing it into the present situation. He is, at turns: warm, engaging, confused, & playful. When he looks at Rose it's like a sunflower drinking up the sunshine.



When the Rain Stops Falling Casting Breakdown


Main Stage Series. Directed by Kimberly Mohne Hill.

Actors cast must be able to do British and/or Australian accent convincingly (Dialect Coach will be provided)

Gabriel Law/Andrew Price: Male, 28, son, boyfriend, adventurer, seeker of truth

Henry Law/Gabriel York: Male, 40’s, British and Australian, Gabriel Law’s father, wanderer, has a sick secret (Henry does)

Joe Ryan: Male, 30 - 50, a passer-by who becomes Gabrielle York’s husband and Gabriel York’s stepfather

Elizabeth Law (older): Female, 60’s, British, Gabriel Law’s mother, wife, protector of son, secret-keeper

Elizabeth Law (younger): Female, 30’s, British, wife, doesn’t know what’s coming, smart

Gabrielle York (younger): Female, 24, Australian, owner of a motel on the coast in Australia, sister to a missing/murdered boy, girlfriend to Gabriel Law

Gabrielle York (older): Female, 60’s, Australian, mother of Gabriel York, wife of Joe Ryan





2nd Stages Series. Produced and directed by Tina Rutsch.


Plot Summary:


Old sailor Chris Christopherson eagerly awaits the arrival of his grown daughter Anna, whom he sent at five years old to live with relatives in Minnesota. He has not seen her since, but believes her to be a decent and respectably employed young woman. When Anna arrives, however, it is clear that she has lived a hard life in the dregs of society, and that much of her spirit has been extinguished. She falls in love with a young sailor rescued at sea by her father, but dreads to reveal to him the truth of her past. Both father and young man are deluded about her background, yet as Anna reveals her truth, they must confront aspects of themselves as they decide which reality to accept.


Character Descriptions:


Please note the role of ANNA CHRISTIE has been pre-cast


CHRIS CHRISTOPHERSON (M, 50’s) The captain of the barge Simeon Winthrop and father of Anna Christopherson (Anna Christie), with a simple good humor, he blames all his misfortunes on the hostility of the sea.

MAT BURKE (M, 30’s) Rescued at sea and hired onboard the Simeon Winthrop, quickly and successfully courts Anna. Described as proud and idealistic, these qualities are challenged as his relationship with Anna develops.

MARTHY OWEN (F, 40’s/50’s) The live-in companion of Chris Christopherson on his coal barge. She has retained a lusty, gusty attitude toward life.

JOHNNY-THE-PRIEST (M, 30+) He keeps a saloon in New York City. His voice and manner "are soft and bland. But beneath all his mildness one senses the man behind the mask—cynical, callous, hard as nails." (This actor may also be cast in the role of JOHNSON)

LARRY (M, 20+) Bartends alongside Johnny-the-Priest. Coolly professional, jovially sarcastic. (This actor may also be cast in the role of JOHNSON)

JOHNSON (M, 20+) A deckhand onboard the Simeon Winthrop, this role will be played by the actor cast as either JOHNNY-THE-PRIEST or LARRY.


Wild Boy Casting Breakdown


Main Stage Series. Directed by Ken Sonkin.


The Time and Place


Present day action takes place in Paul and Jennifer's home as well as various locales, in Portland, Oregon.


The events of the 18th Century carry us from a forest outside Hamelin, Germany, to St. James Palace, London, and other stops in the English countryside.


The play leaps from modern day settings to those of the 18th Century and should be as swift and seamless as possible, deploying elements of lighting, sound, minimal props, and costumes. Ideally, Wild Boy might be best served by a “conceptual” set, e.g., a contemporary playground with a trampoline, a swing, and monkey-bars that can instantly become a palatial drawing room or a dense forest.


Most importantly, in the contemporary scenes, Morgan never occupies the same stage space as the other characters, but rather functions in his own world, at some distance (e.g. the swing or monkey bars). The other actors, however, play to the empty space that the toddler would occupy; they mime picking him up, pushing him on the swing, leading him by the hand, etc.


NOTE: The play is done with SEVEN actors: four men and three women.


The People


Present Day

PAUL COLLINS, 30's, a writer and historian

JENNIFER COLLINS, 30's, his wife, a painter

MORGAN*, their toddler son


Other Characters played by an ensemble of four actors:


Women Present Day

DR. JUDITH RAPP, 40's, a pediatrician

PAUL’S MOM, 60’s

IVY TATE, 20's, an Early Intervention Specialist

ASHLEY, a Barista

MRS. SNUB, 40-ish, mother in Portland

GAWKING SHOPPER in grocery store


Women 18th Century

ANN BRETT, 20's, King George I's British mistress

ALICE TITCHBOURNE, Caroline's Lady of the Bedchamber

CAROLINE, 30's, George II's consort Queen


Men Present Day

MARC, late 30's, close family friend

BRIAN, 40-ish, Ivy’s team supervisor, child psychologist

MR. SNUB, 40-ish, father in Portland

CHAD, a Barista



Men 18th Century

KING GEORGE I, 60-ish, German elector who inherited the British throne

KURTZ, King George I’s German hunting companion

GEORGE II, 30's, eldest son of George I

TROUT, tailor to the Royal Court

SCHOOLMASTER, Harrow School; an English independent school for boys

HEADMASTER, 40’s Harrow School; English independent school for boys

DR. ARBUTHNOT, physician to the Royal Court

MR. FENN, a farmer and cousin to Alice Titchbourne

BLACKTHORP, another farmer

PETER, THE WILD BOY*, a feral boy, unable to speak. Starts in his teens and ends somewhere near age 70.


*NOTE: The actor playing Peter, the Wild Boy also plays Morgan, Paul and Jennifer's toddler son, making the shift to a three-year-old child through voice and movement.



Waiting for Godot Character Breakdown


2nd Stages Series. Produced and directed by Jeanie Smith.


This production is fully cast.



On the Verge (Or the Geography of Yearning) Character Breakdown


Main Stage Series. Directed by Karen Altree Piemme.


One role is already cast. Character breakdown coming soon. 



Fiction by Steven Dietz Character Breakdown


2nd Stages Series. Produced by Laura Jane Bailey.


The roles of Linda and Michael are pre-cast.


Abby Drake - woman in her 30s - early 40s. Confident, smart, and capable. "Achingly vibrant." Runs the Drake Colony, a writer's retreat.




Headshots and résumés can be mailed year round via US Postal Mail to:

Dragon Productions Theatre Company
ATTN: Auditions
2120 Broadway St.
Redwood City, CA 94063



Technical and Creative Staff

We are currently seeking designers and Stage Managers for the 2015 season. We hire Stage Managers, Assistant Stage Managers, Costume Designers, Sound Designers, Lighting Designers, and Properties Designers on a show-by-show basis. Designers should email their resume with work samples (when possible) to Taylor at Stipend available for all positions.

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