Currently looking for actors for Harold Pinter's The Birthday Party and Richard Greenberg's Take Me Out. Details below. 


Auditions for Harold Pinter’s “The Birthday Party.”


Dragon Theatre Second Stages Productions is auditioning for Harold Pinter’s “The Birthday Party,” directed by Jenny Hollingworth.


‘The Birthday Party’ is set in a 1950s English boarding house by the sea. Often described as a “comedy of menace,” the play’s quick dialog and ‘whodunit’ plot are underpinned with Pinter’s lifelong preoccupation with identity, truth and silence.


Performances: June 6, 7, 8 and 13, 14, 15; Friday and Saturday 8pm, Saturday and Sunday 2pm (8 performances in total), at the Dragon Theatre, Redwood City.


Rehearsal Schedule: May 1 – June 5, Monday- Thursday evenings, Saturdays 11-5pm, possible Sunday evenings, at the Dragon Theatre, Redwood City.


Audition times: Saturday, March 29 from 9-12pm and Sunday, March 30 from 2-5.30pm, at the Dragon Theatre, Redwood City. Possible callbacks, Sunday April 13, 9-12pm. Please prepare a short (preferably modern) monologue, and be prepared for cold reading of scenes from “The Birthday Party.”



Petey: 50-70, English, mild-mannered, pleasant

Meg: 50-65, English, motherly, foolish

Stanley: 30, English, depressed

Lulu: 25-35, English, flirtatious

Goldberg: 50s, English, possibly Jewish, man-about-town demeanor

McCann: 30s, Irish, a thug


Stipends available. Some knowledge of Pinter and English/Irish dialect preferred.


If you’re interested in auditioning, please email Jenny Hollingworth at to schedule an appointment. Feel free to email me with any questions, too!


Audition Announcement


Who: Casting Non-AEA. Stipend. (“Mason Marzac” is pre-cast.)

Auditions: Sun. March 23rd from 12pm – 4pm and Sun. March 30 from 6pm - 9pm. By appointment.

Callbacks: Thurs. April 3rd from 7pm – 10pm. By invitation.


What: Please prepare a 2:00 minute contemporary monologue.

Where: The Dragon Theatre, 2120 Broadway St.. Redwood City, CA 94063

RSVP to:


Tentative Rehearsals: Mon. – Thurs. 7pm – 10pm. Sun. 1pm – 5pm.

1st Rehearsal: Sun. June 1

Tech Weekend: Sat. & Sun. July 5 & 6 (Must be available 4th of July weekend.)

Show Dates:

Fri. July 11, Sat. July 12, Fri. July 18, Sat. July 19  at 8pm

Sat. July 12, Sun. July 13, Sat. July 19, Sun. July 20 at 2pm 


DIRECTED BY:  Ken Sonkin


KIPPY SUNDERSTROM (20's-30's) Caucasian, athletic, New York Empires' shortstop, married, father of three. Darren Lemming's best friend on the team. Their conversations are philosophical. Darren describes him as “The most intelligent man in Major League baseball.” Intelligent, peacemaker, acts as the narrator of the play. Partial nudity may be required.


DARREN LEMMING (25-35) mixed race (White mother/Black father) was raised in a stable middle-class environment. He is the play's central character. New York Empires' center fielder, team captain, superstar. Think Derek Jeter. Single, secretive, assumes coming out will not harm him, has a feeling of invincibility. Partial nudity may be required.


SHANE MUNGITT (20's-30's) Caucasian, athletic, New York Empires' relief pitcher brought up from minors. A good pitcher, though lacking intelligence. It is clear that he has certain psychological problems carried over from childhood. Redneck hillbilly, racist, homophobic, illiterate. Think John Rocker. He has such poor communication skills that during an interview with a reporter he refers to his teammates with derogatory racial slurs. Partial nudity may be required.


JASON CHENIER (20's) Caucasian, athletic, New York Empires' catcher, joined the team 3 weeks ago, in awe of Darren, not very bright, gullible. Rookie. Partial nudity may be required.


TODDY KOOVITZ (20's-30's) Caucasian, athletic, New York Empires' outfielder, ignorant, homophobic, loud mouth. Pronounces words incorrectly. Becomes belligerent after the announcement that Darren is gay. Partial nudity may be required.


MARTINEZ & RODRIGUEZ (20's-30's) Latinos, athletic, New York Empires' players, never seen without the other, speak only in Spanish. Their conversations together are a mystery to the other team members. Partial nudity may be required.


TAKESHI KAWABATA (20's-30's) Japanese, athletic, New York Empires' star pitcher, must speak Japanese, quiet, dark, serious, troubled. Think Hideki Matsui. Thought to only speak Japanese, Kawabata shows himself to be quite aware of what is going on around him and willfully ignoring it. Partial nudity may be required.


DAVEY BATTLE (20's-30's) African/American, athletic, Darren's long time best friend, on opposing team, pious, righteous, married, family man, father of three.  He encourages Darren to keep no secrets, to live his life publicly, which leads to Darren's announcement about his sexual orientation.


MASON MARZAC (Pre-cast) 


SKIPPER (40's-50's) Caucasian, New York Empires' Manager, wise. Feels he invented Darren. Think Joe Torre. He is known for his personal skills, his ability to be tough when he needs to be and gentle when it is called for. Also doubles as WLLIAM R. DANZINGER - submitter of a piece of hate mail.


Headshots and résumés can be mailed via US Postal Mail to:

Dragon Productions Theatre Company
ATTN: Auditions
2120 Broadway St.
Redwood City, CA 94063


The 2014 Main Stage season includes the following productions: 


Moonlight and Magnolias

by Ron Hutchinson 
directed by Lee Ann Payne 
August 15 - September 7, 2014

It’s 1939, and legendary movie producer David O. Selznick has a problem: he’s supposed to bring the epic novel Gone with the Wind to the big screen, but he fired his director and hired a screenwriter who hasn’t read the book. What to do? Lock everybody in his office and eat only bananas and peanuts until the script is ready, of course! A hilarious look back at the golden age of Hollywood and the making of an iconic American film.

Ben Hecht - the writer
Victor Fleming - the director
David O. Selznick - the producer
Miss Poppenghul - Mr. Selznick's assistant


The Woman in Black

adapted by Stephen Mallatratt

directed by Meredith Hagedorn 
October 10 - November 2, 2014 

In this brilliant adaptation of Susan Hill’s horror novella, a traumatized man recruits a young actor to help him exorcise the ghost of the Woman in Black. As the two men perform the story, the suspense builds until the ghost’s terrible secret is finally revealed. Acclaimed by audiences and critics alike, The Woman in Black is the second longest- running play in the history of London’s West End. 

Kipps - a young man who is an actor
Actor - middle aged man who is most certainly NOT an actor

The Other Place

by Sharr White
directed by Kimberly Mohne Hill
November 21 - December 14, 2014

Opened on Broadway in 2013. In this gripping new drama by Sharr White (6 Years, Dragon 2008 season), a world-renowned neurologist seems to be losing her mind. Her husband has filed for divorce, her daughter has run off with an older man, and her own health is failing—or is it? Nothing is what is seems in this character study of a woman in crisis.

Juliana - a sharply charismatic scientist in her early 50s. Juliana's obviously fierce intelligence is both her greatest asset and her largest burden, having helped her carve a niche in a deeply competitive field infiltrated by brilliant minds, and yet bringing her a deep impatience and a drive not always understood by those around her.
Ian - Juliana's husband, 50s, an oncologist
The Woman - In her late 20s to early 30s. The Woman portrays Dr. Cindy Teller, a neurobiologist; Laurel, Juliana and Ian's daughter; and a Woman
The Man - In his late 30s. The Man portrays Richard Sillner and Bobby, a nurse. 



Dragon's brand new 2nd Stages series launches in 2014. It's intended to give other artists the opportunity to fully produce their passion projects with funding and mentorship from the Dragon's staff. This series will develop new local theatre makers with the support of an established theatre company. 2nd Stages shows run for two weeks only on Fridays at 8p, Saturdays at 2m and 8p, and Sunday at 2p. 


The Birthday Party

by Harold Pinter
Produced & Directed by Jenny Hollingworth
June 6 - June 15, 2014

Highly controversial when it opened in 1958 and now considered a classic, The Birthday Party is one of Pinter’s least subtle plays. Set in a seaside boarding house, it is part black comedy and part whodunit, with the central action literally happening in the dark. Like all great literature, it asks timeless questions: How can we be sure that anyone is who he says he is? Is it ever possible to pin down the truth of the past? And can we ever escape our deepest fears?

Petey - a man in his 60s
Meg - a woman in her 60s
Stanley - a man in his late 30s
Lulu - a girl in her 20s
Goldberg - a man in his 50s
McCann - a man of 30 


Take Me Out

by Richard Greenberg
Produced by Dale Albright
July 11 - July 20, 2014

Darren has it all. He’s one of the biggest baseball stars on the planet. Millions of adoring fans. Endorsements. And then he decides to come out of the closet. This winner of the 2003 Tony Award for Best New Play and Pulitzer Prize finalist tackles homophobia and racism amidst America’s most traditional pastime.



Technical and Creative Staff

We are currently seeking designers and Stage Managers for the 2014 season. We hire Stage Managers, Assistant Stage Managers, Costume Designers, Sound Designers, Lighting Designers, and Properties Designers on a show-by-show basis. Designers should email their resume with work samples (when possible) to Allison at Stipend available for all positions. 

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